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Corporate Culture
2011/12/1 13:47:45
Company Sprit
Rely on the strength of science and technology to improve the service for customer constantly
Staff spirit
Make great efforts, open up, develop ourselves
never avoid questions, insist cooperation, base on stabilization, improve the shortcomings, be keen to reform. If you have discovered the problems but leave it unsolved, this makes the company become feeble and dying.
Manager's spirit
The manager should be responsible for customer, shareholder and staff. The mistake that the staff make is the manager's problem. Managing will not only manage, but also lead. Undertaking a large matter =Manage a lot of minor matters * administrative ability.
Our values
Serve society, labors are the most glorious, customer is our God. Doing harm to interests of company is as same as damaging interests of every employee. So each staff should struggle with the behavior. A man’s value =His own value (positive) + the value he brings for others in the group (positive or negative). It’s a big difference.
Our group view
Regard the difficulty as a way to test ourselves. Cooperation is greater than conflict is the key to succeed. Our own shortcomings are not terrible, the more important thing is to see others' advantage. Check ourselves, never to be madcap. One can succeed because of a group of persons, arrogance comes because one's own behavior goes beyond one's own expectancy, you’d better see farther.
Our working view
The society does not need us --If we do not offer the competitive service; The company does not need us --If we do not offer valuable contribution. Don’t do well in your work is the same as you don’t have a job. A person who is not responsible for his job can not gain others' trust. Your little fault may bring the others a big trouble.
Our common ideal
Make the model in information age, achieve the national enterprise's brand
Welfare treatment
We do not promise something for each employee, all is in your efforts, do not have it best, it will only be better



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